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Captain Photon
[ Last updated: September 2005 - CVS STATS ]

Captain Photon is an implementation of a photon mapping render written in Objective-C and C++ for Greg Turk's Advanced Image Synthesis class.

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[ Last updated: April 2005 ]

GRAPE is a research group I recently started at Georgia Tech that focuses on utilizing GPUs in clever ways to attack both graphics and non-graphics projects.

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[ Last updated: August 2005 - CVS STATS ]

Morphine is a document-based morphing/animation application written using the Cocoa Framework. Morphine creates animations that morph smoothly from one triangle mesh to the next, resulting in a looping animation that can be played in real time or saved as a QuickTime movie.

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[ Last updated: April 2005 - CVS STATS ]

Phage is a video game where you pilot a tiny ship through a blood stream to kill some viruses. I recently revived this project and am actively working on it again.

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