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Captain Photon
[ Last updated: September 2005 - CVS STATS ]

Captain Photon is an implementation of a photon mapping render written in Objective-C and C++ for Greg Turk's Advanced Image Synthesis class.

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[ Last updated: August 2005 - CVS STATS ]

Morphine is a document-based morphing/animation application written using the Cocoa Framework. Morphine creates animations that morph smoothly from one triangle mesh to the next, resulting in a looping animation that can be played in real time or saved as a QuickTime movie.

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[ Last updated: June 2003 ]

TRING is a variation of Carom Billiards that was invented by Jarek Rossignac for his undergraduate graphics course. Brian and I coded this game up in a mad rush near the end of our Fall 2002 semester so that we could show folks how we sometimes take simple projects a bit over the edge.

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[ Last updated: April 2005 - CVS STATS ]

Phage is a video game where you pilot a tiny ship through a blood stream to kill some viruses. I recently revived this project and am actively working on it again.

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[ Last updated: April 2003 ]

For a while there, I was really into fluid motion (I still am, though less actively). So, I worked on a fluid motion solver for a cinematic special effect. Results are here, here, here, and final movie. I was under a fast-approaching deadline at the time and haven't yet had the chance to turn this code into something useful for other applications, but its still fun to watch. Pardon the poor acting.

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[ Last updated: April 2004 ]

Helga was a simple exercise on curve simplification and compression. Brian and I used a lossy compression scheme involving quantization and Huffman coding of residues based on a simple curve predictor.

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