Phage started as a class project for the Fall 2003 Video Game Design Class taught by Chris Shaw. We entered it into the IGF student showcase that year and heard lots of positive feedback. The Phage project is one of my favorites, and I am still planning on reviving it and completing the "vision" sometime this summer so I can enter the IGF showcase again next year.

The basic premise behind the game is speed, though you won't find much of it in the IGF download available here (our team ran out of time making this game, sorry). You pilot a tiny ship through some blood stream so that you can attack virii (which will soon be appropriately changed to bacteria because of the size inconsistency) with gathered white blood cells. You only have a limited amount of time to get all of the enemies before they reach the heart and kill the person you're trying to save.

Theres an elaborate back-story I wrote down somewhere that I'll post someday here. For now, check out the game's old website at, browse the CVS statistics to keep track of current progress, or go straight to the download page to download the old IGF entry.

And here's a not-so-great screenshot: