Modnese Mahjongg

I created Modnese Mahjongg many years ago as a MacOS 9 application to prove to myself that I could make a complete, distributable shareware game. Then, OS X came out and I rewrote it completely in Objective-C using the Cocoa frameworks.

Long story short, I never really finished it (other projects and school took over). BUT, it is still a complete implementation of Mahjongg and so I'm offering it up here for download. It comes with some lame-o music I wrote and played on the piano which some might find soothing (you can always turn it off in game and supply your own).

I haven't given up on this game completely, which is why I recently upgraded it to "ON HOLD" status. For instance, I just upgraded the music engine the other day to play using QuickTime rather than the old built-in mpg123 player. That was the first update I made to Modnese in over 3 years!

What's it missing? Well, the interface is still incomplete and that's mainly it. For example, none of the main menu items except "New Game" and "Quit" work. And, there's no check to see that you finished the game (it just says there aren't any pieces left). No high scores. No choosing another layout (even though there are more than 130 included). No choosing other music to play. Granted, it wouldn't take me long to put all of those features in (maybe a day or so), so someday soon I'll figure it out and try to distribute the game fo' real.

Until then, you can download the current version here. I'll call it Version 0.000000001a or something.

And here's a screenshot: